Malaysia Blacklisted is a one stop solution for Malaysia Licensed moneylenders as well as publics. We provide platform for licensed moneylenders to advertise in our directory. As we will be focusing to advertise our website in Google to be the first of the search, don’t hesitate to come and leverage on our directory!

With this platform, it helps to compile and compare licensed moneylender in Malaysia, so customers can save the hassle of viewing and searching for the moneylender one by one. Audiences wouldn’t be distracted by other factors and can get to the services they want more effectively.
The more you advertise the easier for the publics to see you in our website. Contact our sales team now to find out how you can advertise with us

In addition, Malaysia Blacklisted will provide critical information to licensed moneylenders by allowing them to view a debtor’s unsecured loans with other licensed moneylenders.
The Malaysia Blacklisted will also give moneylenders access to up-to-date details of the applicant’s creditworthiness and indebtedness, to help licensed moneylenders make an informed decision on loans. Check out here to be our member.

Not forgetting about the publics who are curious about their credit history, we have designed a page where public can also register to retrieve the credit history. Please click here to know more.